ResourceLink is Brisbane Catholic Education’s Information and Resourcing Centre.

ResourceLink is an innovative, creative and productive community learning centre that enriches contemporary learning and teaching, evangelisation and religious education for the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

ResourceLink is on the first floor

We are on the first floor of the BCE office building at Dutton Park



The vision of ResourceLink is to inspire, support and challenge Brisbane Catholic Education staff and Archdiocesan groups to access, use and develop quality resources and pedagogies for creative and effective learning and teaching.

Technology: ResourceLink uses the latest technology to access and deliver quality online electronic resources.  Our professional staff provides support for clients who wish to use new technologies, pedagogies, resources and equipment.

Resource development: ResourceLink facilitates the development and publication of resources for religious education, evangelisation and faith formation, and learning and teaching.  There is a growing collection of original, innovative ResourceLink productions.

Collections: ResourceLink has (1) a large collection of curriculum resources, (2) a professional library including e-journals and databases, (3) a digital library with access to ebooks and audiobooks and (4) a managed collection of digital equipment.

Consultancy: ResourceLink  provides  (1)Professional learning opportunities on  Contemporary Resourcing (2) an advisory service on copyright matters and (3) advice and support for the use of new technologies and innovative pedagogies.

Production Room: ResourceLink has a production room specifically designed to assist in the production of contemporary audio-visual resources.

Where To Find Us: ResourceLink is located on ground level at the Brisbane Catholic Education Office 243 Gladstone Road Dutton Park, Q. 4102

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How to get there? The centre is located with very easy access from the city or via the South East Freeway. Visitor parking is on site. The centre is within walking distance from the train – Park Road or Dutton Park station. The Fairfield Gardens bus 191 stops directly outside (Stop 15)

Opening hours ResourceLink is open from 8.00 am to 5.00pm each day, Monday to Friday
3033 7481

Email: resourcelink@bne.catholic.edu.au


Please note: All resources and information on this blog licenced under  NEALS


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