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  QR codes

QR codes

qr code

QR codes consist of a square coded grid that embeds links to website. The link on the left will take you to the ResourceLink blog when you scan it with a QR reader app.

QR code readers


There are many QR code readers. Search your app store for the free ones.

QR code makers


Again, there are many QR code generators. Search for free apps in your app store.
  The Padagogy Wheel
Padagogy-wheel-400Allan Carrington, from the University of Adelaide, has created a Padagogy Wheel using Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and a list of applicable educational iPad apps. This wheel helps connect different aspects of teaching while using iPad apps, in an easy to digest format.The full pdf version–which can be downloaded here–includes links to download the representative apps and a QR code linked to a YouTube clip explaining the wheel.
   Software tutorials


– via the State Library of Qld

Lynda.com_90 SLQ_90

Lynda.com delivers online tutorials teaching in-depth skills in software and technology. Examples include:

  • The Adobe Suite
  • Microsoft Office programs
  • HTML & CSS
  • Video development.

Access is via SLQ membership.

  1. Go to lynda.com Library login
  2. Enter your SLQ membership username and password. Click on ‘Login’.
  3. If you are a new lynda.com user, click on ‘Create a profile’. If you are a returning user and have already created a lynda profile, login with your lynda username and password.
  4. You should now have access to lynda.com. You can bookmark this site for future use.
  The Cloud
cloud-computing-400“The Cloud” is a metaphor for the Internet, the technology that allows on-demand access to shared online storage of resources, data, files and programs.

Mobile devices are not able to hold large quantities of data, so the Cloud is frequently used to store files. There are many Cloud options. BCE’s SharePoint is one example. Others include:



 Google Drive






Content apps

  • TED Talks
  • Google Apps for Education (GAFE)
  • YouTube
  • The Khan Academy
  • MOOCs