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Welcome to Inquiring Minds, an online learning portal designed to support teachers resourcing inquiry-based learning in the  classroom.
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This site focuses on Guided Inquiry.
Guided Inquiry is a way of teaching students to be independent, life-long learners.

Education Models of inquiry must engage students in order to prepare them for living and working in an information-rich, technological world. Students must have the skills to be able to define what information they require, where to source this information and how to link new information to what they currently know. Students need to be able to critically analyse information, in order to ascertain its validity, accuracy and relevance.

Guided inquiry is a process that allows for students to interact with the content of the curriculum constructively. Through their exploration and research, they not only add to their content knowledge, they refine their information literacy skills so that they are able to independently apply learning strategies in any context.

These pages will elaborate on the process of Guided Inquiry, and will also provide resources and professional reading for teachers currently implementing this approach into their classroom.

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