Resourcing Inquiry Learning


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At each stage of the inquiry learning process, there are different digital tools that allow students to redefine how they learn and how they express their learning.
I have collated lists of tools that fit with each stage of the LADDER inquiry model, and have also created a poster of Apps that fit each stage of the model.

You can read about using Apps for inquiry in this blog post.

Of course, tools are not limited to particular stages; they could often be used across all stages of the inquiry process! I have allocated the tools in the phase where I believe that they could be used to the greatest potential. However please feel free to be as creative as you like!

App in Inquiry

Click on the image to download an A3 PDF version of this poster.

Tools for the LAUNCH phase

Tools for the ACCESS phase

Tools for the DEVELOP phase

Tools for the DEMONSTRATE phase

Tools for the EVALUATE phase

Tools for the REFLECT phase


Others have also done extensive work in this area of resourcing inquiry.

Please check out Web Tools to Support Inquiry Learning curated by Karen Bonnano as another excellent resource.

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