Social Justice Resources

A suite of resources for students from P-12 are available to develop student understandings about the issue of refugees in an Australian context. The activities are based on quality literature.
An interactive timeline with weblinks to sites and interactive learning objects to support learning and teaching about the history of Reconciliation in Australia with our Indigenous people.
(Users should be advised that this resource contains the names and images of deceased individuals).
This website has links for students to learn more about peacemaking and the importance of learning from events such as the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II.
Resources and teaching ideas for enhancing a sense of peace and supporting
non-violent conflict resolution.
The 2010 Social Justice Sunday Statement sends a message of peace, and
addresses fundamental human rights through promoting ways to overcome violence– in homes, communities and in international arenas. ResourceLink has created a website that unpacks this statement and offers ways to use the statement with students of all year levels, as well as adult groups.

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